Case Study: The Queensbury Hotel

The term “buying local” encompasses much more than buying local food. It means investing in local business services, products and raw materials. Purchasing products and services from locally owned businesses fuels new employment and job opportunities. By keeping dollars local, it allows businesses to invest in employees as well as create locally owned supply chains.

The Glens Falls community is filled with businesses in a wide variety of industries. Whether they are a start up or have strong roots in the community, it is evident that we all support each other. At nePROMO, we work with numerous businesses, events and organizations within the community. Our focus is to partner with companies and provide branded merchandise that aids in achieving their goals such as increasing brand awareness, thanking customers, increasing employee engagement, etc. We have been in businesses in the local community for more than 26 years.

Entrance to The Queensbury Hotel

60 Years Later

When it comes to having deep roots in the community, The Queensbury Hotel has been the focal point of Glens Falls for nearly 100 years. Many celebrities, athletes and politicians called the Queensbury “home” at one point in time. Robert F. Kennedy promised to return to the Glens Falls region, win or lose, after the 1964 election for Senator. The day after he won the election, Kennedy fulfilled his promise and showed up to a luncheon at the hotel to promise to help the growth of the surrounding areas.

In 2016, the Glens Falls community was delighted to hear the announcement that for the first time in 60 years, the Queensbury Hotel would be back under local ownership. Ed Moore, who also owns outlet centers in Queensbury and the J.E. Sawyer building, purchased the hotel. Mr. Moore made it clear his mission as steward of the building was to get things done, the right way.

Hotel lobby was restored to a picture from 1926 & maintains the original floors.

Managing the hotel is Spruce Hospitality, owned by Zack Moore (Ed Moore’s Son) and Tyler Herrick, who is the former Assistant GM of the Sagamore Hotel in Bolton Landing, NY. For renovations to the 90-year-old landmark building, The Queensbury Hotel partnered with The Phinney Group based out of Saratoga Springs, NY.

Achieving The Fine Details

The Queensbury Hotel had a long road ahead. Tyler and his team hit the ground running to give the hotel a more modern appeal. From every guest room, conference rooms, lobby to the plumbing, everything needed updating & remodeling of some sort.

Through another local connection, the Queensbury Hotel partnered with Kate Parsons, owner & operator of Tassels & Trim of Glens Falls. For 17 years, she has worked with installers to create custom drapery window treatments. Kate has done the window treatments for all of the guest & meeting rooms at the Queensbury Hotel.

Rooms remodeled

Tyler came up with the idea of a red pillow as an accent piece in the guest rooms, and Kate took the project from there. She sourced pillow ideas and then was able to create a rectangular type of bolster pillow. The guest rooms of the hotel present a modern monochromatic theme with dark & light shades of grey, dark brown, black & white. The pronounced red of the Queensbury Hotel’s logo was just what the room’s needed.

The “Q”

This is where we (nePROMO) came in. Being another local company in the Glens Falls area, Kate reached out to our team and inquired about getting the pillowcases embroidered with the letter “Q”. Since this was a delicate order, we created two pre-production proofs for her. One pillowcase was white with red embroidery and the other was a red pillow case with white embroidery.

After consideration the red pillowcase with white embroidery was selected, and the order went into production. Our team went to work and produced 125 of these custom embroidered pillowcases pictured below.

Updated rooms with pillows as accent piece.
Updated rooms with pillows as accent piece.
Updated rooms with pillows as accent piece.

At the time of writing this article Tyler said that out of 125 guest rooms, they only had 25 left to go. When they finished re-modeling the rooms of one floor in the hotel, they would also re-model the hallways. There is no doubt that The Queensbury Hotel is working diligently to restore the hotel to being, once again, the jewel of the city.

Thanks to the collaboration from local businesses projects like these are able to come to life. We are happy to have played a role in bringing the finishing touches to the renovated guest rooms of the historic Queensbury Hotel.

A special thanks to Tyler Herrick & Stephanie Howard from The Queensbury Hotel, Kate Parsons from Tassels & Trim and our very own Gwen Ball for providing their perspectives and the details of this project.

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